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OzFlow provides an extensive range of stainless steel industrial floor drains and channels for the food and beverage industry. Features include STRONG solid stainless steel edges, EFFICIENT deep drawn, smooth sided bowls and a wide range of HYGIENIC accessories.


Local stock of standard floor drains and accessories and fast turnaround for custom channels


Made in Germany exclusively by Wiedemann Technik with more than 70 years of perfecting stainless steel drainage solutions


WaterMark approved products, international design and technical experience with local support


OzFlow Industrial Floor Drains

Strong and hygienic with solid stainless steel rims in both square and round designs and large deep drawn bodies for superior hydraulic performance.


OzFlow Industrial Grated Drainage Channels

Strong and hygienic with stainless steel edge reinforcing as standard. Available in V-profile and U-profile, custom made for food and beverage facilities, breweries and abattoirs.

OzFlow Industrial Slot Channels

Strong and hygienic with stainless steel edge reinforcing, grate-free, cost-effective, easy maintenance and improved safety. Ideal for wineries, distilleries and other production areas with a lower volume of discharge.

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